ILTM Africa Welcome

  • ILTM Africa will be opened in style with the inspiring Swaady Martin taking to the stage for a keynote address. Sponsors and hosts, GOLD Restaurant will be serving a delicious African culinary experience accompanied by traditional performances. All in all, the ILTM Africa Welcome will perfectly set the scene for Africa Travel Week.

    Official opening by Sugen Pillay, Commercial Director of Reed Exhibitions South Africa.

    Address from our host and well-known presenter and actor, Jason Greer.

    An immersive talk from the wonderful Swaady Martin, Founder & CEO of SWAADY Group.


    "I was born in a family of changemakers. My parents nurtured a strong sense of consciousness and responsibility to make the world a better place, starting from within." - Swaady Martin

    All around the world, in key luxury markets, the luxury industry actively participates in tourism development. The luxury shopping opportunities in several capitals such as Paris, London, NYC, Dubai, etc. are a significant driver of tourism. According to the, nearly half (47%) of luxury goods purchases are made by travelling consumers, whether in a foreign country (31%) or while they pass through airports (16%). And the figure is as high as 60% if luxury purchases by consumers from China, Russia and the UAEs only are taken into account.

    Africa is still at the infancy stages of its luxury journey. Although, the continent has had a culture of craftsmanship for thousands of years, it is not yet linked to luxury. As the cradle of Humankind, Africa has developed and fostered crafts, techniques and inspirations that can be seen as some of the foundations of global luxury. In the recent years, Africa has increased the presence in certain categories within the luxury industry, such as luxury hospitality, and there is already an impressive list of luxury brands present on the continent both in direct and indirect retail. The opportunity lies in developing an authentic African luxury and a portfolio of African luxury brands that tourists can experience and purchase on the continent. YSWARA has coined the term LUXE UBUNTU to define an authentic African luxury embodying core values and cultural meaning shared by the entire continent.

    The welcome is not only a chance for you to meet and reconnect with your industry friends and peers, but an opportunity to be entertained, to learn and to be inspired. Join us with Swaady Martin to celebrate the true value in unlocking Africa’s potential.

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