Hosted Media

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With the biggest names in luxury travel, but also the up-and-coming innovators of the future too, this is as much about networking as it is about finding new stories and feature ideas. Our media programme—complete with press talks, exhibitor meetings and experiential experiences—awaits.

We look forward to making #momentsthatmatter with our 2023 Hosted Media. If you would like to apply, please click here.

2022 Hosted Media

Ravi Roth

LGBTQI+ travel expert and YouTube content creator (USA)

Kwin Mosby

Award-winning content creator, editor and writer (USA)

Travis Levius

Freelance writer, editor, content creator & hospitality consultant (UK)

Claudia Bette-Wenngatz

Freelance lifestyle and travel writer (Germany)

Meagan Ten Eyck

Content creator (USA)

Jean Carmela Lim

Writer and editor (USA, UK and Australia)

Mischke Bosse

Travel and lifestyle creator (South Africa)

Melissa Kemp

Editor of OBJEKT©South Africa (South Africa)