19 - 22 June 2023
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


A new report by ILTM

Edition 1 - APAC: Decoding the luxury travel consumer’s mindset

September 2022

The past two years have seen our industry confronted by unique and unprecedented challenges, giving way to predictions, opinions, and forecasts. As such, ILTM has collaborated once again with affluent research specialist Altiant to bring you this new report to understand which trends are being reflected, and which are mere speculation.

The rapid evolution of post-COVID travel means that, as an industry, we must listen more closely to individuals’ wants and needs. Surveying almost 500 validated wealthy APAC travellers from six countries, this is a unique and reliable barometer of luxury sentiment and habits in the region.

In our first edition, we decode the luxury travel consumer’s mindset across the Asia Pacific. We hope you find the report valuable!