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    Besides the great networking opportunities that ILTM Africa has for Exhibitors and Buyers, we have also curated great experiences at the show. Our luxury pop-up stores showcase what’s hot and happening on the African continent while our spa provides the ideal spot to relax and unwind.


    An innovative premium gin for the adventurous spirit and the discerning gin collector. Indlovu gin is made using multiple flavouring runs. The essential ingredients in Indlovu gin are derived from elephant dung that is washed and dried. The extracted botanicals are then infused into the gin, which provides unique African flavours. The gin is smooth, complex with earthy flavours and so good all you need is a glass and ice.

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    To create an exceptional tasting tea requires exceptional tea leaves. This is why the Pure Leaf range has sourced the highest quality of tea leaves from the finest tea estates. And it is these leaves that give the tea its impressive characteristics and flavour. Pure Leaf’s master blenders complement these leaves with fruits or herbs, or simply leave them be, respecting their unique natural flavour and aroma.

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    The pleasure derived from tasting Quoin Rock is difficult to describe. It offers a myriad of well-balanced, complex flavours that generate even more harmonies over time. At Quoin Rock, they adhere to the premise that the greatest wines are those that truly reflect their soil, climate and terroir, and that it is the winemakers role to simply stand back and let the natural beauty of the grapes show through.

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    An award-winning specialist tour operator, Explore More Travel provides international clients with the highest quality travel services and life-changing experiences. Explore More Travel differentiates itself from its competitors by never compromising on the quality.

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    Few people know that 96 elephants are poached each day. At this rate they will be extinct in the wild within a decade. How Many Elephants is a powerful campaign, educating a global audience about the devastating impacts of the African elephant ivory trade.

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    Enjoy a friendly, casual and personal tour with our alpaca moms and babies and learn a little about these exceptional creatures. Then see the transformation from raw fibre to luxurious yarn in the mill. Take the time to browse in our studio, filled with a wide selection of beautiful products.

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    Looking for a beautiful and distinctively Cape Town gift, then the Cape Town Tourism pop-up may have something for you. Cape Town Tourism seeks to maintain a community full of Cape Town fans with a variety of perspectives, through its Love Cape Town campaign.

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    Drawing on his childhood fascination with The Adventures of Tintin, wildlife illustrator & author, Duncan Butchart has conceived delightful stylised depictions of iconic places in Africa. The African Journey Collection comprises of 18 posters that will inspire your next African adventure.

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    A graceful take on traditional hunting trophies, Head on Design products serve to celebrate Africa’s wildlife, but without the bloodshed. Products are made by using sustainable or recycled materials, with a portion of the profits being donated to wildlife conservation.

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  • O’LIVE

    100% natural skincare, made with organic plant oils, and essential oils for your whole family. They started making natural organic handmade soap in their kitchen with a batch of just under 10 soaps so that they could move towards a natural lifestyle and above all aid to help relieve eczema.

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    French Linen with a taste of Africa. Home of innovative and inspiring French African textiles. African Jacquard designs, weaves and manufactures bespoke 100% French linen in the heart of Cape Town – combining true French quality and authentic South Africa flair.

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    Darling Sweet produces a range of high quality, handcrafted toffees and soft caramels. Made in small batches with no synthetic flavourings nor preservatives added. They boast recyclable packaging as well as bio-degradable clear toffee wrappers.

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    Delivering a burst of flavour that shouts Africa, combined with the old heritage of the European food diamond, the truffle, FlavourUnion products include: truffle mayonnaise, truffle salt and truffle honey.

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