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Appointments will always be the heart of our show, but on top of your busy schedule, ILTM Africa offers three curated content sessions as part of the Africa Travel Week Virtual conference.

Transformational Travel

An Enlightened Wave: What transformational travel means for sustainability in the luxury destination economy
Speaker: Tom Fels, Founder & CEO: Animarem

The Art of Travel

The Rise of Contemporary African Art and Design
A far cry from traditional crafts, contemporary African art and design – dynamic, edgy, urban – is seizing attention worldwide. Interest in exploring contemporary African art and design – from museum and gallery visits to street art tours and behind-the-scenes encounters with artists and makers – is growing among international visitors. Discover how to create unique and engaging art and design experiences and learn how to build contemporary art and design into broader itineraries.
Speaker: Julian Asher, Founder & Managing Director: Timeless Africa

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