Buyer Journey

  • The ILTM North America buyer journey

    To help you prepare for ILTM North America, we've put together a step-by-step guide of your journey with us:

  • Apply and Register

    Please contact the buyer team or fill in the online enquiry form.

  • Selection Process

    If your registration is successful, you will be invited to attend and asked to select the exhibitors with whom you wish to schedule appointments via the Pre-Scheduled Appointment (PSA) system. You will be asked to rank your selections in order of preference.

  • Matching Process

    Your Appointment diary is not wholly based on the preference selections that you make. All mutually requested appointments are scheduled. Next, appointments requested by exhibitors are scheduled. Finally, the matching process schedules the appointments that are requested by buyers.

  • Self-Scheduled Appointments

    Once the matching process is complete, you will be given access to view your appointments in your online Appointment Diary. This will stay open for approximately 10 days. During this time, you can use the online Appointment Diary to contact suppliers to arrange Self-Scheduled Appointments.

  • Your Appointment diary

    Your Appointment diary will cover 3 days, made up of Pre-Scheduled Appointments and additional Self-Scheduled Appointments. This will be available within your Buyer Zone, will be emailed to you prior to the event and will be accessible via the ILTM North America app.

    Participants are obliged to attend all appointments. No Pre-Scheduled Appointments can be cancelled.