Exhibit in four simple steps

Exhibiting at a show like ILTM North America can seem overwhelming at first, but fear not, with a couple of easy steps you can make ILTM work for you. To get the most out of your experience, you should consider four main phases: space, story, selections, and showcase. Make your journey to The Bahamas a breeze by reviewing each stage below.


Submit your graphics


Update your profile


Select your buyers


Promote your brand

#1 - Your space

Decide upon your table graphics at ILTM North America

As a table top show, we provide the printing and setup of your exhibiting space. The design on your graphic board is, however, yours to tailor.

The first thing buyers will see when they walk around the show is your artwork. Make sure your table stands out alongside your peers.

For instructions on how to produce and submit your artwork, please review our guide. 

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#2 - Your story

Complete your company profile in the Exhibitor Portal

The Exhibitor Portal is how you control the information being shared to buyers and media. Once published, your profile will appear in the online Exhibitor Directory alongside your fellow brands.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, uploading a variety of content is key. On top of your description, perhaps add a promotional video or share your social accounts to gain followers.

The Exhibitor Directory is how buyers complete step three (selections) so the more information you upload, the more visible you will be!

#3 - Your selections

Select the buyers you would like to meet using the Pre-Scheduled Appointment tool

How do we match you with the right buyers? You tell us! We ask you to hand-select the buyers you wish to meet and give priority to your preference selections.

Using your unique selections, a bespoke diary of 15-minute one-to-one meetings is generated for your time at ILTM.

With over 360 travel advisors to choose from, discover new business, gain new exposure and forge new friendships.

#4 - Your showcase

Maximise your brand’s exposure before, during and after the show

If you want to boost your exposure and drive more leads your way, we have solutions for all budgets - yes, even free ones!

There are a variety of sponsorship and advertising opportunities for you to get noticed and we are always looking for new ways to collaborate with you creatively.

You can also showcase your brand to some of the biggest names in luxury travel media at no cost. Contact our PR team at Spotlight Communications to get involved.

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Decision made?

If you’ve decided that exhibiting at ILTM is for you, please complete our application form to be assigned your dedicated account manager. They will then be in touch to discuss your options!