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  • As the authority on experiential travel, AFAR delivers the luxury of experience and attracts consumers who add the most value to major marketers across a wide array of categories. AFAR is the gateway to access this powerful new consumer – the experiential traveler. For this affluent, sophisticated and influential audience, AFAR is their voice and their guide.


  • Insider Travel Report (ITR) is an online travel trade news publication launched in 2017 in collaboration with award-winning travel journalist, James Shillinglaw. (ITR), powered by the technology and database business taCONNECT, delivers daily curated content and advertising to over 95,000 active verified travel professionals based on their core business speciality and destination sales.

    Insider Travel Report

  • National Geographic Traveller is the world's most widely read travel magazine. It championed sustainable travel before it was cool and, eight times annually, celebrates journeys that are about place, experience, culture, authenticity, living like the locals, and great photography. It makes a distinction between tourism and travel, and stresses inquisitive not acquisitive trips.

    National Geographic Traveller

  • PANROTAS is the leading content producer for the Tourism Professional, working alongside the entire production chain in the sector, including airlines, hotels and hotel chains, operators, travel agencies, car rental companies, cruise liner companies, distribution and reservation services, assistance cards, official tourist agencies, class entities, technology companies, among others.


  • Travel + Leisure is the preeminent voice for the sophisticated traveler, serving up expert intelligence and the most immersive, inspiring travel lifestyle content anywhere. Travel + Leisure captures the joy of discovering the pleasures the world has to offer—from art and design to shopping and style to food and drink—and offers compelling reasons to get up and go. With a total global audience of more than 15 million, the Travel + Leisure portfolio includes the U.S. flagship and four international editions in China, India, Mexico, and Southeast Asia.

    Travel + Leisure

  • We are the leading luxury travel agency in Latin America. Creating content for seasoned travellers is not easy. Therefore, our challenge is to always be at the forefront to show our readers new destinations but also the less explored side of the classics. Our readers are intelligent travellers, eager to know new things.

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