• COVID-19 and Our Beloved World of Luxury Travel

    Never in our lifetimes has the world faced a challenge of this magnitude. The global impact of COVID-19 has accelerated dramatically, continuing to threaten our health and the health of our loved ones, and plunging our beloved luxury travel industry into turmoil; flights grounded, borders shut, communities in lockdown, and the vast majority of the businesses in our ecosystem closed under health authority and Government rules.

    Shutting down travel and its interconnected activities not only has an impact on well-heeled travellers, it severely affects the businesses, communities and families that have come to rely upon them. Millions of businesses, many of them sole traders or family-run operations that don’t live in the tiny number of nations that can and are providing assistance for lost livelihoods.

    One thing this virus is teaching us is that luxury travel matters way more than even we ever realised before.

  • Luxury Travel's True Impact on Business and Employment

    In partnership with Barton and powered by Wealth-X data, this white paper and its accompanying podcast demonstrate just how important the global luxury travel universe truly is.

    When we meet again when this is all over, we’ll do so with pride and a new acknowledgement of the sheer size and interconnectedness of our luxury travel industry to the lives of so many millions.

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