Opening Forum

  • Opening Forum

    Wednesday 30th October | 10:30 - 12:00 | Shanghai Theatre, The Portman Ritz-Carlton

    PART 1: How China’s Digital-First Consumers Are Transforming Luxury, Tourism and the World

    China’s luxury consumers are digital-first, always-on and going international. Their size and digital-first behaviour makes them unlike any other consumer groups. And they are creating both opportunities and challenges for businesses around the world. Whether you are a big luxury brand or a small one, all this can be daunting. This year at ILTM China, we are focused on giving luxury brands the tools they need to take the necessary first steps into their future China strategy. Relationships are the Holy Grail - but as well as getting you networked - we’re also getting you up to speed on the leading edge. ILTM China will be the first event to host a panel of China’s top travel KOLs, alongside the country’s leading expert in China’s digital future.

  • Jeffrey Towson Keynote

    E-commerce and entertainment were the first industries to be transformed by China’s digital-first consumers; luxury and new retail are currently being impacted and are the hot topic right now. Financial services, education and transportation are next. This talk summarizes the lessons learned thus far from this phenomenon, details how it will impact luxury and gives an update about what is coming next from digital China.

    Jeff is a private equity investor, Peking University professor, best-selling author and keynote speaker. His writing and speaking are on digital China – and on Asia’s latest and most important technology trends. Nicknamed China’s “celebrity professor”, Jeff is the #1 followed professor in China (+3M followers on LinkedIn). He was also the #1 LinkedIn Top Voice for Finance globally (2017) and #3 for China overall (2018).

  • PART 2: KOLs & the Luxury Travel Industry: In Conversation with Chinese Social Media Influencers

    Influencers Panel, Moderated by Michael MacRitchie

    Michael MacRitchie is the Founder of MGI Entertainment; A China consultancy, described by the Wall Street Journal as "the leading Entertainment and celebrity procurement agency in Asia Pacific." MGI helps international and Chinese clients build their brands in China with KOL, celebrity and content campaigns.

    Working with social media influencers can be a game-changer for brands. Posts from travel KOLs are powerful drivers of travel trends and decision making. A single stunning image of an incredible vista can move both hearts and wallets, inspiring travellers to recreate that same photo-op experience for themselves. But what can the travel industry learn from KOLs about the needs and desires of China’s affluent travellers, how should luxury travel brands work with KOLs, and how do KOLs choose who they work with to curate their content and their following?

  • Jiayi Zhao

    Jiayi Zhao is a Beijing-based blogger focusing on the wellness, food, lifestyle and travel industries. Her past collaborations include luxury travel brands such as InterContinental, Four Seasons, Visit Finland and Jordan Tourism Board, as well as other luxury brands including BMW. | Weibo

    Dan Xiao

    With over 11 years in the outbound destination promotion industry, Danielle Xiao is well‐connected throughout China’s travel industry and media. Dan built the Tahiti Tourisme office in 2008 and started her own business in 2009. She is fluent in Mandarin and English. | Weibo

  • Yibo Fan

    For 12 years now, Yibo has been a full-time global traveller and lifestyle blogger, recording his travel footprints via various social media platforms with millions of followers. His past collaborations include plenty of media outlets and brands, Double Tree, Dream Cruise and Plantation on Crystal River. | Weibo

    Eric Shao

    Eric Shao is an iconic travel KOL in China. He hosts various reality travel shows on TV, online platforms, and radio. A very well-connected, key voice in the travel field, his past collaborations include Indonesia National Tourism Bureau, Uzbekistan Tourism Board and Discovery. | Weibo

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