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  • London, Thursday 17 September 2020 — From Alison Gilmore, ILTM Portfolio Director:

    Over the past few months, we have been working hard to try to deliver ILTM Cannes in December but despite our best efforts to produce a physical event, sadly, we have had to make the difficult decision to postpone ILTM Cannes until 2021.

    We feel the weight of disappointment at not being able to meet in person, but nothing can ever override the safety of all our attendees at ILTM. So, until we can meet again in person, and to make up for all the postponed ILTM’s this year, we have created a one-off digital event with a creative difference:

    ILTM World Tour: Access All Areas

    3 days a week for 3 weeks across 3 global regions:

    • Starting with sunrise in Asia Pacific (17/18/19 November)
    • Moving north to Europe, Middle East and Africa (23/24/25 November)
    • Crossing the Atlantic to the Americas (North & South) (1/2/3 December)

    With flexibility at its core, Buyers from the above regions will have the opportunity to meet with suppliers from across the world. Suppliers can attend one week, two weeks or all three, giving them the opportunity to meet and discover new buyer source markets.

    But please don’t panic, as we don’t expect anyone to sit in front of a screen for hours on end. With short days and regular breaks, this is as much about self-care as it is business.

    It cannot replace face-to-face but it can pave the way for a stronger 2021.

    Please keep an eye on this new page for updates.

    Thank you,
    Alison Gilmore

  • London, Wednesday 5 August 2020 — From The ILTM Team:

    So, what has happened since our last update? Recently, Alison travelled to Cannes to meet our partners in the region. Whilst we work hard to confirm and prepare a set of specific FAQs, we wanted to take you with us on this first step of the journey and reiterate our commitment to real-time delivery of information. The good news is that we remain convinced that with the right set of circumstances ahead of us, we can and will deliver the reset the industry needs this December.

    How we do this is the next big mountain and we are working as quickly as we can to get a firm set of guidance in place. Friends, we can’t offer absolutes in a world that changes daily, but we stand now looking out toward Cannes and what comes after with hope and a whole lot of determination. We hope you can join us.

    With love from the ILTM Team x

  • London, Friday 3 July 2020 — From Alison Gilmore, ILTM Portfolio Director:

    We are all now accustomed to 2020’s startling pace, and the perpetually shifting sands that form the backbone of a decision one day, only to fade away the next.

    Accustomed as we may be, the exceptional size and nature of the task ahead of us has, at times, been hard to conceive.

    Today, I feel we have reached the point in time where I can confidently say that, with the right set of circumstances ahead of us, we Cannes(!) and we will deliver the event that the industry needs this December.

    We have a number of mechanisms that we monitor on a weekly basis and we are in constant contact with our extensive global networks. Yes, this means advisors and brands, but also, ILTM is the jewel in the crown of one of the largest exhibition organisers in the world, and it’s great to be supported by our trusted experts at this time.

    The consultation and collaboration required to deliver the complex plans needed to keep you all safe and well in Cannes has been all consuming. We have made a lot of progress, but it doesn’t happen overnight.

    Transparency is going to be very important over the coming weeks and months. You will be hearing from me again later this month when I will travel to Cannes to meet with our key partners and initiate the detailed plans we have made, and ensure that we protect the value that the show brings to each and every one of its participants.

    This, we feel, is more important than ever.

    Finally, this week we received the results of our global buyer survey. First of all, the level of participation astonished us. Travel advisers are desperate to talk to us, to you, to each other, and to communicate about the industry they love.

    But the real story is the enduring positivity in their outlook. 64% have received new bookings in recent weeks and over 50% expect their clients to be travelling again within the next 6 months. Further key findings can be found here.

    ILTM Cannes will be the key to kick starting that travel come December and for that reason, we are delighted to be beginning the journey towards our 2020 event.

    Don’t forget to check back right here for updates.

    Thank you,
    Alison Gilmore

  • Last updated: 17 September 2020