Bright Young Things

  • Welcome to Bright Young Things by ILTM

    Bright Young Things is an event series for smart young agents in London and New York.

    With a mission to provide a safe space for competitive voices to build community, knowledge and culture, Bright Young Things offers up-and-coming agents the chance to get to know one another, and experience an inspirational day of learning.


    Bright Young Things: NYC

    August 4th 2016, Hyatt Times Square

    The Great Rebranding: Luxury Travel from the 30,000 foot view to YOU!

    Over the course of the day, attendees will move down the branding funnel,
    from the macro to the micro. From the BIG PICTURE, to the company and finally to the individual brand of each of the participants. The day will be a deep dive exploration led by experts on the rebrand that the luxury travel industry needs, an interactive roundtable lunch, a workshop to learn how to craft your company’s brand story and tips and tricks to authentically brand yourself in order to reach the largest share of your target audience.

    Moderated by Michaela Guzy

  • Event programme

    11:30 12:00 Welcome with coffee and pastries
    12:00 13:00 Re-branding Luxury Travel for Consumers with a Millennial Mind-set with Amy Ogden of J Public Relations:
    Luxury travel as an industry is facing some major challenges. Business is changing fast and travel’s new, agile, non-traditional businesses are resonating with today’s modern luxury adventurers. The question is; how do we dispel the myths about luxury travel agents in order to convince a generation of people who are used to booking travel at the click of a button? How do we authentically showcase that only luxury travel experts can provide the insider, transformative experiences of a lifetime? How do we increase awareness of our expertise, on-the-ground experience, hard-fought skills and customized services in order to come together to win back market share? Collectively, ILTM and the Bright Things can formulate the way forward. In this session we learn from, and problem solve with, a world renowned branding expert who delves into the unique issues that the luxury travel industry as a whole faces and why, with a simple face lift, ILTM’s Bright Young Things can lead the charge for rebranding the value that luxury travel advisors provide.
    13:00 14:15 Lunch and Round-Table Discussion
    14:15 15:30 Crafting your Brand’s Story with SJ Murray:
    In this hands-on workshop, we will learn to how to construct our company’s inspiring stories to unlock our brand’s unique building blocks in such a way that it galvanizes Millennial travellers and brings them on value our service, trust and ultimately book with US. During the session, participants will source the most pressing problems and goals and break out into small guided groups to interact and practice with one another. The goal is for every attendee to leave with a strong, well-tested brand story they can hone and build on. And even more importantly, the skills to replicate that process, a proven process that has led to SJ winning eight international awards for marketing and branded content over the past couple of years.
    15:50 16:20

    Using your Personal Brand to Convert Business:
    Image has always been important, but in the age of the digital influencer, how do you develop your personal profile within an industry while still authentically attracting followers who trust you? In a Q&A format, we talk to successful digital influencer Jeremy Jauncey about how he built an audience by staying true to his personal brand. He will share some practical tips and tricks for bettering your personal brand across all digital platforms and share how he is converting his personal brand online into helping other small businesses.

    16:20 16:30 Conclusion
    16:30 19:00 Cocktails

    We expect you to walk away with some new friends and new ideas. If you have any questions, please contact Event Manager Gareth Baguley.

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