Engage with Cape Town through touch

The sensation of touch allows us to garner endless data from our surroundings: a steamy cup of coffee on our lips, or the crunch of beach sand under our feet.

This versatile sense can bring us immense pleasure during our travels. It can help us feel grounded, reconnecting us with the present in order to fully experience new places.

With the onset of Covid-19, we’ve had to eliminate many touchpoints from our lives. However, during your stay in Cape Town for ILTM Africa, you’ll undoubtedly have plenty of opportunities to fully engage this versatile sense safely. 

Get a feel for the Mother City

Feel the sunlight

Autumn in Cape Town (March- April) brings forth a slight chill in the air, but it's nothing a light jacket can’t remedy. During your time at ILTM Africa, chances are you’ll still get to feel the glorious warmth of the sun on your skin, be it outdoors at The Vineyard Garden Party or a rooftop bar such as Gigi Rooftop.

A touch of business

Although many businesses have gone fully digital, you’re more than likely to encounter a crisp, well-sanitized brochure or business card during your time at ILTM Africa. Elbow bumps may have replaced handshakes, but it’s still possible to physically greet connections you encounter at the show and throughout the Mother City. 

A social sensation

Be it the light fizz of Cap Classique on your tongue, or the crisp sensation of an ice-cold G&T in your hand, Cape Town offers no shortage of opportunities to kick back and unwind with a glass of something lovely. The feeling of a celebratory beverage generally heralds the end of a productive day or the start of some excellent networking opportunities. 

Explore with your hands

Throughout the ILTM Africa experience, delegates will have the chance to experience African art and fashion at our pop-up shops. While you won’t be able to touch everything on display, you can still gently run your hand over the gorgeous textiles offered by Cape Alpaca Products, or the smooth ceramics crafted by Macassar Pottery.

Shimansky diamonds

The ILTM Africa Diamond Experience hosted by Shimansky is guaranteed to engage your sense of touch. During this private diamond tour, you’ll have the opportunity to carefully feel the coolness of their ‘ice’ – a scintillating collection of diamond and tanzanite jewellery.