Move to the music of the Mother City

ILTM Africa 2022. Don’t just look — listen, too.

Listen closely, and you’ll soon discover a hidden soundtrack filling the streets of Cape Town. That’s right. There’s more to South Africa’s Mother City than her iconic table-shaped mountain and shimmering coastline. 

Look (and listen) to our favourite sounds of ILTM Africa:

Battle of the buskers

One thing Cape Town has no shortage of is music. Make your way into the city centre and you’ll soon pick up the ultra-smooth tunes from street buskers on saxophones. Make a beeline for Green Market Square, then simply pause and listen. 

A beep in your step

Cape Town is so musical even the traffic lights (referred to as robots) have their own soundtrack. Pound the pavements near Loop, Long and Bree streets, and you’ll quickly pick up their beeping rhythm, indicating when it is safe for pedestrians to cross.

Get jazzy

Jazz music is deeply ingrained in the city’s heritage and culture. Pioneered by local legends such as Robbie Jansen and Winston Ngozi, this thriving genre maintains its strong local following. Expect to get your toes tapping at one of the city’s many live jazz venues, such as The Crypt. 

Out with a bang

As early as 1806, the Noon Day Gun was used as a time signal for ships anchored in Table Bay. Blasting off at precisely 12 noon every day, it’s one of Cape Town’s oldest traditions and a signature sound that sets her apart from cities across the globe. 

Popping bottles

How about that seductive ‘squeak’ and ‘pop’ of a cork being removed from a wine bottle? Cape Town is a mecca for wine-aficianados, and these ubiquitous sounds and the subsequent ‘clink’ of glasses herald the start of celebrations. 

The buzz of business at ILTM Africa

What many will be looking forward to at ILTM Africa this year is the unmistakable hubbub of conversation. The Opening Forum at The Vineyard’s Summer House, followed by The Garden Party in The Vineyard Gardens, offer the perfect backdrop for industry reunions and reconnection.