Admire the sights of the Mother City

ILTM Africa 2022. Learn to look a little closer.

The experience of being in Cape Town is not just about seeing something new, but rather gaining a fresh perspective outside of your everyday life.

Everywhere you go in this iconic South African city presents an opportunity, to explore, discover, and re-discover something outside your everyday life — something that enhances and enriches the spirit.

We’ve made it part of our mission at ITLM Africa 2022 to reignite each of the five senses to Africa. With a focus on ‘sight’ this week, here are a few local attractions to appreciate with your eyes in our handsome Host City of Cape Town.

Look at our favourite sights of ILTM Africa:

A table-shaped mountain

Cape Town’s signature table-shaped mountain is hard to miss. Rising up from the city bowl, it remains a source of soul-stirring views and endless hiking opportunities. If you’d like a less strenuous method of getting your view from the top, whizz up on the rotating Cableway (just remember to book in advance!).

Scenic sunscapes

Cape Town sunsets are legendary — a natural spectacle is not to be missed from a prime vantage point. Be it atop Signal Hill, or a lofty lounge and rooftop bar (such as Gigi Rooftop), the Mother City has no shortage of jaw-dropping spots. During your visit, make it your mission to indulge in the blissful tradition of sundowners at sunset. 

Tourism friends and peers

Arguably, one of the most valuable sights at ILTM Africa this year will be those industry friends and peers many of us haven’t seen in years. After two years of disruptions, watching travel stakeholders discuss business whilst making new travel memories in Cape Town will be a most welcomed sight. 

Arts and crafts galore

From the kaleidoscope of craft stalls at Green Market Square to the gleaming design mecca of Zeitz MOCAA, Cape Town presents a thriving hub of creativity and wonder. Make your way down any main street, and you quickly discover a treasure trove of eye-catching sculptures, beaded artwork and hand-carved wood creations. 

All eyes on Shimansky’s diamonds

Attendees at ILTM Africa are in for a visual feast with The Diamond Experience powered by Shimansky. During this immersive tour of the Rockwell showroom, you’ll gaze across their scintillating diamonds whilst learning about their signature cuts and jewellery designs. Glam up to the nines at the #IconsMadeHere party hosted at the glitzy Rockefeller Hotel

Oh-so-beautiful Bokaap

An explosion of colour at the base of Signal Hill, Bo-Kaap is easily one of the most striking attractions in the Mother City. This tight-knit community is known for its vibrant houses and rich Cape Malay history. Take a gentle stroll up Wale Street to witness the oldest building in the area, alongside its museum of fascinating exhibits.

A pop of colour at ILTM Africa

Keep your eyes peeled for our varied collection of pop-up stores at ILTM Africa this year. From the handcrafted creations from Crystal Birch to the elegant and provocative artwork from Kelly John Gough, expect no shortage of delightful treasures to admire. 

There are people living there

Find a quiet corner at a streetside café, and you’ll be amazed by what you’ll see. As a modern-day city, Cape Town is always abuzz with movement — business professionals on the go. Tourists on foot. MyCiti busses whooshing past. As the title of Athol Fugard’s famous play reminds us ‘people are living there’.