Discover the ‘smellscape’ of Cape Town

Each city around the world offers its own unique smell, and taking a good sniff can tell you a lot about the neighbourhood you’re visiting rather than just relying on sight alone.

Cape Town is just one of those destinations where the scents you’ll pick up will linger long after your visit: the salty sea air, Cape Malay spices, or fresh fish and chips. Of course, not all its smells are enjoyable, but that’s what adds to its uniqueness.

Discover our favourite scent memories:

Smell the ‘sea-nery’

The Mother City is surrounded by two oceans, the Atlantic and the Indian. Make your way down to the V&A Waterfront or further along to Sea Point, and you’ll quickly catch a whiff of that salty breeze mixed with a hint of residual kelp often washed ashore from the underwater forests. 

African cuisine

ILTM Africa delegates will be sniffing their way to bliss during The African Culinary Journey powered by GOLD restaurant. Expect a hearty array of African-inspired dishes that will not only satisfy your nose, but your stomach, heart, and soul. Most certainly a culinary experience to remember for years to come. 


Coffee lovers, assemble! The Mother City is home to some of the best coffee around the world. With so many independent shops and cafés to choose from, you’ll quickly pick up on that generous and signature scent of roasted beans as you venture through the city. 

A nose for business

Nothing beats the smell of a freshly printed travel brochure or business pamphlet – something you’re bound to pick up at ILTM. This oddly intoxicating scent will likely prove somewhat nostalgic for delegates who have not been able to meet face-to-face at ILTM Africa in two years. 

A Garden aroma

Follow your nose through The Garden Party at The Vineyard hotel, which heralds the start of ILTM Africa 2022. Hosted outdoors, this is your chance to savour that purified mountain air, paired with nourishing notes of Cape aloe and other indigenous flora dotted throughout their glorious gardens. 

Stop and smell the rosé

It’s now common knowledge that the Western Cape is a mecca for epicureans. During your time at ILTM Africa, don’t forget to take a moment to savour some of the delightful scents of our award-winning wines, along with our locally brewed craft beers and distilled botanical gins.